The Way It Goes

I’ve noticed recently that it’s getting harder to get decent snapshots for this blog. I’ve been relying on daylight and there’s not enough of it anymore: The angle of the sun is low now, and it’s not enough even during mid-day to illuminate objects sufficiently. The pics are snapped at slow speeds and I get camera jiggle and blurry pics.

The flash by itself is no good–uneven exposure and shadows.

I need some sort of makeshift studio lighting. I’ve got daylight bulbs, which I hear are The Things To Use, and 2 clip-on lights with reflective silver shades. Unfortunately, these still serve as the main lights in the garage because I haven’t yet wired the lights and switches down there.

So now I have to wire the lights in the garage. And I might as well do the ones on the stairs, too. Which means doing the outlets in the loft since they’re on the same circuit. Which means rearranging a heap of stuff in that tiny space so I can access the outlets.

detour.gifSuddenly I find myself in the middle of a lengthy house-wiring project because I wanted to take a picture for the blog. And I have puzzle and Needlework Show deadlines looming.

This is my life in a nutshell.

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