The Upper Lagoon

Mike and I went canoeing in the upper lagoon last night. We didn’t leave until about 9 p.m. or so because 1-I had to clean up dinner, and 2-we were waiting for high tide. The passage connecting the upper lagoon to the lower lagoon where the lodge will be and where we’ve been canoeing is essentially a river with a current. As the tide comes in, the current carries us up to the lagoon, while we’d have to paddle hard at other times. In fact, I’m not sure we could paddle up to it at other times.

This lagoon is at the base of the Pedersen Glacier and is full of giant icebergs. We canoed through a maze of them! Mike took pics, but I can’t download them to this computer, so you’ll have to wait until next week for those. It was quiet, still, and COLD. A seal checked us out and gulls hollered at us. Bufflehead ducks entertained us with a funny song as they flew past. I can’t wait to show you pics–it was very cool!

Not a lot of time today, so more when I can.

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