Blue-sky Day

Clear blue sky today. Blankets and sleeping bags blowing in the breeze, dry for the first time in a while. This will be short, as I plan to go out and enjoy it for a bit before dinner.

This is one of the boats that brings us and our supplies here, the Weather or Knot. It also offers taxi service for kayakers and guided boat tours. Note the landing gear on the front. It pulls right up to the beach for easy loading and unloading. Today, it (well, Captain Dawn, really) picked up (out of the ocean) and dropped off (on the beach) ice for me since there’s none to be found on the beaches and I’m getting low.


It’s going to be busy the next few days, orienting the new cook, heading out, taking care of business in Anchorage before heading home to our own glacier. You may not hear from me until the weekend. I’ve got a camera full of pics that I look forward to sharing then.

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