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The Next Let There Be Night Stitchling

zebra.jpgI had an idea for our next Let There Be Night Stitchling. (The black-and-white Stitchlings.) I have a short list of possibilities, but this was a brand new idea. A white tiger. I love big cats.

And then I did some research on white tigers. They rarely occur in the wild, which comes as no surprise, but then people began to breed for the white coat. That turns out to be problematic, with inbreeding and all kinds of related birth defects. The results are sad. As though orange tigers aren’t incredible enough, we have to breed white ones?

So scratch a white tiger Stitchling off the list. I don’t want to appear to support, encourage, or celebrate white tiger breeding.

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  1. I, too, love big cats and white tigers. What people don’t realize, or do, is that if white tigers are bred with orange ones, the white gene persists and will occasionally manifest without all the nasty side effects. That is what would happen in the wild. It would make a great Let There Be Night, but I understand and support your disinclination.

  2. Exactly. Left to appear on its own, naturally, it’s darn cool. There’s supposed to be a white moose down on the Kenai, and there’s an albino beaver mount (I think it’s a beaver) at the Anchorage airport. But it seems a shame to breed for such things.

  3. What about the white buffalo, Jen? I remember seeing a picture of a newborn with its brown herd, and it *was* incredible!