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Kiki Magazine

I recently discovered a new tween girl magazine, Kiki. I called a bunch of bookstores in Anchorage and Palmer yesterday, hoping to find a copy that Mike could pick up, but no one had it. They all know about it now, though. I want to write for this magazine! But I need to get a copy to check out their style and departments and all that.

Kiki is a magazine for girls “with style and substance.” It’s a creative fashion magazine with absolutely no content on celebrities or crushes or tween sensuality–a frightening concept to parents of 9-year-olds and me. They want puzzles and creative ideas for crafting fashions. How about some embroidered accessories? Hello?! Sign me up, please!


I’m going to have to order a subscription online, but that tends to take forever. I want to start writing for them NOW. Sigh.

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  1. Wow. I love that bracelet! (And that is coming from the person who wears black and brown a lot. Ha)