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The Needlework Nutshell Has Moved

For more than a year I’ve watched, worried, and whined about subscribers to The Needlework Nutshell not getting the newsletter. Even I wasn’t getting it at one of my testing addresses. I talked to the newsletter host, and they seemed to want to help, but they couldn’t or didn’t. Subscribers still weren’t getting the newsletter, and would-be subscribers weren’t getting their confirmation links. I finally had to admit it: what worked three years ago, no longer worked. I had to do something.

So I’ve signed up with a new newsletter service provider: AWeber. I was able to bring with me all the currently active subscribers, without making them (you?) re-subscribe or re-confirm, but there were just as many pending or otherwise not-currently-active subscribers that will have to re-subscribe. I apologize for the poor service and hassle. I think we’re headed in the right direction, though.

I’m still clueless about if or how to archive the old issues of the newsletter. The current archives are actually being used by subscribers and people looking for material to reprint. I hate to lose that, but I’m not sure AWeber provides archiving. Of course, I can probably do that on my Web site. Somehow. But I would have to do it, as opposed to having my host do it automatically. Unless, of course, my host does it automatically.

Hmm. Still much to learn.


However, all the newsletter subscription boxes–the one in the sidebar on the right, as well as the ones on the Funk & Weber Designs Web site–have been updated for a couple of weeks. Subscribing to the newsletter through those boxes will achieve the desired result. As for those subscribing through the old host, where past newsletters will reside for another month or so, um…that’s not going to work.

The June 1 newsletter will be transmitted by AWeber. I don’t exactly know how yet, but I have more than a week to figure it out.

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  1. I signed up for the newsletter multiple times through zinester, but never received the email with the confirmation link; thus, I was never able to confirm my subscription and I never received the newsletter. I even contacted zinester directly to let them know that I wasn’t getting the confirmation link and that I was frustrated. They never responded. Harrumph! I relied on the archives to read the newsletter each month.

    I am delighted to say that IMMEDIATELY after subscribing through AWeber (is the name a coincidence?), I received the confirmation email. Hallelujah! I’m now an official subscriber. I’m so proud.

  2. No, *I’m* proud! To have you reading the newsletter, that is. But I knew you did.

    The AWeber name is a coincidence, but if I’m being totally honest, I would have to admit that it tipped me off the fence when I’d narrowed my choices down to two service providers.

    Silly? Well…