Favorite Reading Places

Do you have a favorite reading place? I do, and it’s in bed.

For starters, I always read before I go to sleep. It’s part of my night routine. Some sleep experts advise against reading in bed, but who cares? I like reading in bed. In fact, a good book will actually draw me to bed early so that I have more time to read.

trip-west.jpgHot springs at Yellowstone NP. Another great place, but not a place I go to read.

When we built our house (to use past tense is inaccurate as we are still building), we opted to make part of the attic space accessible as a crawling-room-only loft space. I dubbed it the Reading Cave and envisioned a thick carpet and pad, lots of pillows, and books lining the floor/walls. The installation of carpet recently made the Reading Cave a reality. It’s a space I adore. In fact, I want to go there right now even though it’s sunny and warm and beautiful out. Did you ever play in a giant box as a kid? How about a closet? The Reading cave is an adult-sized giant box or closet. It’s dark (there’s a light), cozy, quiet, still. Perfect for reading. It’s such a great space that we moved a mattress into the cave and it is now the Reading/Sleeping Cave.

I think every house should have a dedicated Reading Space. In a perfect world, what would yours be like?

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