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Funk & Weber Winner

I’m still waiting to get bookmark counts from participating shop owners, so I have no total to offer yet, but I do have the winner of the Funk & Weber Designs Bookmark Design Contest. Stitchers were invited to design an original bookmark using elements from any Funk & Weber pattern.

The winner is…
bookmark-earth.jpgstitched by someone we all know and love here on the blog, reader and frequent commenter, Becca!

Becca stitched the earth motif from The Neighborhood on black plastic canvas, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong, Becca. She added stars on the background and a shepherd’s hook with beads so the needlework can hang outside the book for all the earth to see.


Becca requested that we design the other half of the globe so she can make a two-sided bookmark, and, honestly, I think we’ll do that. It’s a great idea!

tote.jpgBecca’s prize is a Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy zippered tote bag (red) containing the Funk & Weber Designs pattern of her choice and a Stash Surprise, including fabric, fiber, and stuff. Yep, that’s right—stuff!

Congratulations, Becca! Send me an e-mail with your pattern choice. Or post it here. Whichever.

Stay tuned for how you can get your own Stitching for Literacy tote bag.


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  1. EEEEEE! (read as a high-pitched scream of delight)
    Thank you so much! I did it on clear/translucent plastic canvas (18 count, I think). I backed it with sticky backed felt and used a black Sharpie to cover the edges.
    Let me think about the pattern. I can’t wait to see the stuff!