The Craft Whisperer

If this idea catches on (what’s the point of dreaming small?), that will be the name of my new blog or, what the heck, multi-million dollar business: The Craft Whisperer.

Until then, maybe we’ll have Fix-It Fridays or something here. Or on the soon-to-exist Funk & Weber World blog. Somewhere.

History: I’ve long wanted to have a business called something like Solutions R Us where people bring me their problems, and I find creative ways to solve or deal with them. Mind you, I’m of the opinion that not all problems should be solved.

Current Event: When I woke up this morning and checked in with the Bracelet Basics class that is taking place right now, Harriet, working from the other side of the globe while I was dreaming, claimed she had a problem. Oh, boy! A problem to solve!

It’s true. I got excited. It’s not that I wish problems on people, certainly not people taking my class, but I really do enjoy the challenge and promise of adventure that some problems, like needlework problems, hold.

Based on her verbal description, written very well in her non-native English, my mind started whirring. We could do this, or this, or maybe this…what about this?! Without seeing it, I was sure we could salvage her work.

Then she posted pictures. I was…disappointed? Well, yes, I was disappointed on one level and happy for her on another. Harriet’s problem, it turns out, is not really a problem at all. She’s a meticulous stitcher; her bracelet, stitched in miniature, is beautiful. The “problem” is a perfectly normal occurrence that is taken care of in the finishing process.

That’s great news for Harriet, of course, but I was, in fact, disappointed that there would be no Fix-It adventure for me.

The Point: Since I was deprived of a perplexing problem in the Bracelet class, I was hoping maybe one of you would have one I can work on. In fact, if I can drum up some problems, I’d like to make this a regular feature, Fix-It Fridays.

Give me your tired, your poor,
your muddled crafty messes yearning to be something.

We could make it a sort of game (surprise, surprise). If you give me a legitimate problem, and I don’t feel I can offer an interesting and/or viable solution, you win a prize! A Stump the Chump deal.

What do you think? Got a crafty problem you’d like help solving? Tomorrow’s Friday, bring it on! Post your problem as a Comment or send pictures and/or a description to me at

mail [AT] funkandweber [DOT] com

The address is in the sidebar, you know.

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