Reading Tastes

I was brainstorming bookmark design ideas yesterday and came up with the phrase “reading tastes.”

I imagined my friend’s baby chewing on the corner of a board book–this friend once wrote, “She loves books. Especially the corners.”

I imagined scratch-and-sniff turned lick-and-taste.

Hey, you like what you like; I like what I like. Leave me alone.

Then I imagined this list:

My Reading Tastes

  • Picture Books = peanut butter
  • Middle Grade = strawberry rhubarb (yummy, sweet, beginning to get complex)
  • Young Adult = sour lemon (I make the same face when I eat sour lemon and when I read teen angst.)
  • Puzzle Books = Thanksgiving dinner (A complete meal, nutritious, delicious. They make you want to overindulge.)
  • History = sharp cheese
  • Literature = orange spice
  • Romance = chocolate
  • Mystery = bubblegum (Something to chew on, I guess.)
  • Memoir = chai (Huh. Go figure.)
  • Fantasy = mashed potatoes (They’re kind of all the same–a la LOTR–and, for me, most stories are clear soup compared to mashed potato fantasy. I cannot see my way through them. What can I say? I’m not a fantasy person.)
  • Adventure = curry
  • Horror = brussel sprouts (Just…ew.)
  • Erotica = cinnamon

Now you’re all wondering how much erotica I read. Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know!

What I did not imagine: a good embroidery design.

Dive right in!

Your turn. Tell us your reading tastes in the comments. You can use fewer, more, or different categories.

If you prefer to write your reading tastes on your own blog, I hope you’ll link back here so I can come read them. Or e-mail me. My address is in the sidebar, you know.

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  1. Read to children. If you have no children or grandchildren, volunteer at the library to read to the children. Children who are read to on a regular basis usually love to read because they have had a world of wonder opened to them

  2. I like brussel sprouts too much and horror too little to stand for this. Have you tried them roasted (the vegetables, not the books)?

  3. Or perhaps, both.
    My husband loves brussels sprouts, I’m neutral. My equivalent would be lima beans. (I think it’s the texture)
    Jen, every time I’ve encountered cinnamon today I’ve had to smile. I like the list. I’m working on my own.

  4. Oh, I roast books, just not publicly.

    By all means, Anna, stand up for brussel(s, optional here) sprouts, but I’m not budging.

    I do not like them roasted.
    I do not like them toasted.
    I would not like them, Anna, even if you liked them mosted.
    “I do not like them!” Jenny shouts. “I do not like those brussel sprouts!”

    Or horror stories.

    Or lima beans.

    Shell, LOTR = Lord of the Rings

    I just got all the books out so Mike and I can re-read them this winter.

  5. Your list is pretty great!

    You can’t beat linking romance with chocolate, tho I may clarify that it should be dark chocolate…the steamier the romance the darker the chocolate!

    Puzzle books – vodka (I have a heach ache when I’m done)

    Suspense – Stride Mystery Flavor Gum (You never know what you’re biting into)