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Contest alert!

There’s a Tour de France Stitch Along over at the Cross Eyed Kat blog. I haven’t started my project yet, and I don’t have a camera at the moment, so taking pics could be tough, but far be it from me to pass up a challenge. There’s even a prize!


I know what I’m going to stitch, and the day’s not over yet, so maybe I’ll get started today. At the moment, I’m painting my dining room table. Any guesses as to the color(s)?

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  1. Great photo of the valley and lake (or is that part of the lagoon?). Is this where you were cooking or is it near your home?

  2. I shared a passage from a book with Jen, one that I particularly enjoyed because of how it was written. Jen asked me to share it on this blog.

    It is from *As Hot As It Was You Ought To Thank Me* by Nanci Kincaid:

    “It was rare to see anger so openly displayed—it was like seeing somebody stark naked. You cannot turn your head from it. Most people knew how to keep their anger in the back pocket of their pants, stitched into the hemline of their housedress, stuffed in a secret compartment in their purse—somewhere you could get at it if you needed to, so that you were never entirely without it. But it was not like Vitalis that men slicked onto their heads, or the lipstick women used to paint their smiles—so obvious. Everybody had some anger—I thought maybe the Bible said so—but with most people you’d have to strip-search them to find it. But not Rosemary Ingram. Anger was one of her traits, like milk skin, curly hair, those long second toes on each foot. I knew Sowell was in bad trouble.”

    I savored that one.

  3. The picture was taken on the Grand View train trip offered by the Alaska Railroad. It’s a pass between Girdwood and Seward.

    I know I should add this to the post, but I need to get off the computer and walk to the mailbox. Boy has this day gotten away from me. I blame the dining room table.

  4. I bet the dinig room table is primary brights. Blue and green maybe? Red and yellow?

  5. You’re not far off, Becca! Two blues, two greens, purple, and orange. I’ll post a pic when I’m done. It’s taking forever. Of course.

  6. I’m in on the TdF SAL. Thanks for the heads up. I have several of Kat’s patterns and I picked one that’s yellow. I have the necessary Dinky Dyes color. Now I’m in pursuit of Krenik braid.