Suzy’s Reading Roundup

Guess what! Stitching for Literacy has two children’s book professionals guest-blogging during the 2010 Bookmark Challenge. They’ve chosen some of their favorite books to share with us.

The Quiet Book

Written by Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by Renata Liwska

“Making a wish quiet.”

“Top of the roller coaster quiet.”

Underwood’s extraordinary picture book illuminates all types of quiet encountered by an eclectic assortment of animals in a day. Quiet from anticipation. Quiet from sheer delight. Quiet from mistakes. Quiet from wonderment. Each page captures a unique moment, and these vignettes brilliantly weave together to form a rich, cohesive story.

Heaps of sweet humor infuse the text and illustrations. A young moose’s telltale antlers peek-out from behind a chair during a hide-and-seek game. A formidable aunt (with very chic eye glasses and shoes) arrives for a visit – with a fancy-striped iguana in tow. Liwska’s soft, exquisite illustrations enhance the narratives varied emotions, and creatively link plot components. Children will delight in discovering characters and items that reappear, and guessing what could happen next.

The subject matter along with the gentle, repetitive structure is perfect for a relaxing bedtime read. Best of all, it is an open invitation to imagine your own, favorite quiet moments. My current favorite: savoring a magical picture book quiet.

Suzy Wilson has been a Bookseller and Children’s Book Buyer for a decade plus a few bonus years. She is a constant reader, resulting in numerous tripping-over-curb injuries.

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