Bookmark Tips

I can’t help it, really I can’t. I made a list of ideas for the Bookmark Tips series before I decided to run the series, but I haven’t been using it. The card stock frenzy has taken over.

You know those window cards (greeting cards) made out of card stock where you adhere needlework between the layers of card? Well, what do you say we shrink that idea down, use funky shapes, and make window card bookmarks? You can stick the finished cards inside the book or add ribbons and/or threads to make a dangling bookmark.

I was tempted to postpone publishing this post because I haven’t yet made models to demonstrate the idea, but then I decided we might experiment with the idea together. (Read yesterday’s post for further inspiration.)

So, here’s a page of five possible window bookmark shapes. Feel free to make your own, of course.

You can print the page directly on card stock, or print it on paper and cut out the shapes to use as templates.

Cut two identical shapes along the solid line. Cut again on the dotted line on one of the pair. This will be the window.

Glue, tape, or sew a piece of needlework onto the back, centered (or not) within the dotted line shape. Add a ribbon or thread tail here if you want.

Glue, tape, or sew the window to the front.

This is another sandwich, but this time the needlework is the bologna, not the card.

Decorate the card with markers, glitter, embroidery, whatever. Or not. There is some super-cool card stock out there.

If you decide to undertake this experiment with me, please send me a picture of your finished bookmark. If you send me an image, I will send you a pdf file of a bookmark pattern I just made. It’s not a published pattern–and may never be published. Who knows. But I’ve stitched it, I like it, and I hope you will, too.

On your mark. Get set. Experiment!

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  1. I have used card stock on my bookmarks and I even did a few with one of Colleen’s designs. I’ll send you a photo. Super easy and I loved the results.