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Stitching on Things Other Than Fabric!

When I think of stitching, I normally think about stitching on fabric, or paper, or canvas, or maybe plastic. I’ve never, ever thought about stitching on bread! Have you?

Em, who does a lot of net surfing, found the most amazing link and passed it on to me the other day, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Catherine McEver, a mixed media artist living in Oakland, California, who spends her weekends dumpster-diving according to her bio, obviously decided that stitching on most normal mediums was a bit boring, and thought she’d try something  a bit different!

‘Wonder Bread’ was her medium of choice, and her finished stitched pieces are ‘wonder’ – ful! She says in her blog entry that she stitched very, very carefully! I had to chuckle when she said that some of her pieces are 4 years old. They seem to look every bit as fresh and good as the day she made them. Perservatives rule, obviously!

How cute is the little bird in the garden. And then there is a piece which pays homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ (this is my personal favourite)

There are more amazing bread embroideries on Catherine’s blog. You might also like the other things she’s done with Wonder Bread – check out her sidebar!

I read some of the comments under these pics on Catherine’s site. Most were amazed at her talent, but I noted one person who commented on the actual execution of the stitches involved. The comments weren’t very favourable. I think it must be very, very difficult to stitch on bread, and perhaps the person who left the derogatory comments should have a go themselves before being so picky.

Would you be tempted to stitch on bread? Or cake? Or perhaps a crepe? And then what would you DO with it afterwards?

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  1. Well, Jen, you know I’m a fan of any kind of creative “thinking outside the box”, and without a doubt, that’s what this is! Hats off to Catherine for even conceiving of such a thing, for being brave enough to put it out there in the public eye, and for creating such an appealing little piece of bread! 🙂 Love it!

  2. I’m glad you included pictures, because if you had just described this I would have been convinced you were crazy. These are way outside the box (grid?) and are very cute. I like the Starry Night especially.

  3. I love these!

    The question about what to do with them after you’ve stitched them is a toughy, but I have some ideas. I come from the land where “moose nuggets” are crafted into jewelry and doo-dads. I imagine one could dry the bread and varnish it.

    Or maybe one just takes pictures of these then puts them out on the bird feeder: birds can eat the bread and use the fiber in their nests.

    During the 24 Creative Gifts Challenge I suggested stitching cookies with licorice shoestrings. I still want to do that. I’d have done it for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t have the licorice yet. It’s not as if I can dash out to the store, you know?

    I do like the idea of stitching on all sorts of things.

    Way to go, Catherine! And Janie. And Emily.