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Stitching for Literacy Update

A bookmark from the 2010 Stitchers’ Village collection.

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

Last week, one of my goals was to stitch a sample of the pattern I designed for a multi-week needlework mentoring program.

I failed. Big time. I’m still picking fibers (when I’m not picking blueberries). I’ll try to do better this week.

My other goal was to pitch an idea to the fun folks at Kiki Magazine.

Another failure, I guess. I’m convinced it was the wrong idea. What I want to do is submit an embroidered bookmark project for publication. There’s a big difference in the approaches and expectations of the two ideas. I really must pursue the second, not the first. It’s still all about teaching girls to stitch.

So this week, my goal is to design that project. Fun! I’ve been mucking with several designs lately. It’s time to complete one.

How about you–what would you like to accomplish this week?

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