Blueberry Adventures

I’m certain you’re dying to know how the adventure is progressing, so I shan’t keep you waiting.

Thursday, I made coriander bread. After reading recipes for Blueberry Betty, I had a feeling this was the perfect bread for the job.

The bread was oh-so-yummy, and there was plenty for the Betty and for just plain eating.

Friday, I made the Betty according to this recipe from the Yankee Magazine website, although I wanted bread cubes instead of bread crumbs. Another recipe called for cubes, so I don’t think I was being terribly contrary, but, yes, sometimes I have trouble following directions. Technically, it’s Blueberry Brown Betty. The “brown” refers to the sugar used.

This was pretty good, but not The Best. I wanted more bread and more sugar. Our wild blueberries are much more tart than the domestic variety. I think the coriander bread was a great choice.

Today, I made a Blueberry Crisp and a double-sized Blueberry Buckle (with extra blueberries per Mike’s preference), both of which will head south early in the morning to be consumed by people other than me.

I also picked about a half-gallon of new blueberries. Five gallons of 2010 berries in the freezer, and counting.

I’ll either go back and try a cobbler again this week, or I’ll move on to the slump. I’ve actually made a slump before. Next weekend, I’m looking forward to a blueberry pandowdy. That’ll be another first for me.

Last summer, while the inlaws visited, my MIL selected a Dinah Shore cd to check out from the library. I can still hear both of them sing,

Shoofly pie and apple pandowdy
makes your eyes light up,
your tummy say ‘howdy.’

I’ll probably be singing that all week.

Many thanks to Anna for inspiring this kick. I’m having fun discovering new uses for the ever-abundant blueberries. My blueberry dessert-eating friends are grateful, too.

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  1. That Blueberry Buckle is a treasured item in the house right now. The BEST yet. We took it to the potluck, but the three of us (Mike, OE, and I) were all very protective. Made it home with 3/4 of it. It is the choice breakfast around the house. The buckle is by far the best.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, and the tetrazini was amazing!