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Stitching for Literacy Update

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

Last week, my goal was to touch base with indie shop owners on my mailing list.


Also this past week, I wrote an article and submitted photos for Needle Arts magazine. The editor will squeeze us into the Spring issue. Yippee!

This week, my goal is to update the Challenge Kit with 2009 materials.

east-view-dec.jpgThe view to the east. Very little direct sunlight these days, but it’s out there on the hills.

Now, are any of you are up for doing something this week (or next, or the next)? I am in want of yet another Read Ambigram bookmark to give away in the name of Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion. In truth, I’d like to have a half dozen or more, if possible, but much as I would like to, I know I can’t stitch them myself.

If any of you are willing, I would be grateful to have you stitch one. Any colors, any fabric and fiber. If you’re concerned about finishing the bookmark, remember, there’s a tutorial to help. And if you’re still concerned, I’ll do it. If you can help, leave a comment or drop me an e-line: jen at funkandweber dot com. You know how to turn that into an e-mail address, right?

This one-thing-a-week plan rocks! Baby steps.

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  1. I’m curious–what is it about blog format that prevents your from typing out the email address in the normal manner?

  2. Jen, I have a finished ambigram somewhere. If I can locate it, I’ll send it on. What’s your timeline? I can propbably get another one done for you, too. Ah, to have time to volunteer!

  3. Jen, I’ll be happy to volunteer. I think I can handle two, three or four. I know that I can commit for at least three of my customers – the fourth would be ME and I know I’m much less dependable than those customers. I will take the smallest and the easiest if you want to be sure it gets finished. Send the chart or charts – pdf would be fine – and I’ll get us working on the stitched bookmarks for you.

  4. Shell, supposedly, e-mail addies in their normal formats are picked up by some automatic means and used by spammers. My address is already all over the internet, and I get tons of spam, so I’m not looking for any more.

    No idea if this is true or if my efforts have any effect.

  5. Yay, Becca! Timeline: anytime and ongoing. They are a means to get people’s attention, generate interest and excitement, and say thank-you. I’ve often wished I had one to give, and I expect to continue to feel that way as I ask more and more people for help.

    Gayle, you’re on! I’ll be in touch.

    Thanks and thanks!

  6. Don’t say yay, too soon. I can’t locate the finished bookmark, nor can I locate my pdf copy of the Read Ambigram pattern. I strongly suspect they are hanging out together. Long and short- can you send me another copy of the pattern via email? Hmm. May have saved it. Let me check on that. I ordered the real printed version from the Needlework Show, but I haven’t gotten that stuff yet. I have ribbon and felt for backing, so count on me for two plus the finished one, when it surfaces.

  7. Never mind! I still had your email and it’s saved in my documents. (I just corrected 3 typos. My inner editor has returned.)