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Stitching for Literacy Update

The first bookmark from the Stitching for Literacy Flickr Pool! This is a Teresa Wentzler design stitched by poppyseed53.

I hope you’ll post images of the bookmarks you stitch in our Flickr pool. Note that one of the group rules is that posting there gives me permission to re-post your images here.

We have two more participants in the 2010 Bookmark Challenge! The Day Lilies chapter of EGA in Medina, OH, has been stitching bookmarks for Project: LEARN, a local adult literacy program. Kat, owner of Cross Eyed Kat and designer of a Stitching for Literacy bookmark pattern, Bookmarks and Banners, is taking charge of filling a request for bookmarks from a local library.

If Kat can do it, you can, too! We’re still looking for partners for libraries and schools in these areas:

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Gainesville, GA
Decatur, GA
Mooresville, IN
Roanoke, IN
Cumberland, ME
Birmingham, MI
Ringwood, NJ
Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN
Houston, TX
Highlands, TX
Bullard, TX
Victoria, Australia

Do you have some stitching friends? Why not ask them to adopt a library or school with you? If you’re game, give me shout, and I’ll help you get started. (My email address is in the sidebar, you know.) Together, we can do this!

Woot, Kat and Day Lilies in Medina!

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