Screens for Teens

One of my writing critique partners, Mary Beth Schewitz, was just selected as an “everyday hero” by Real Simple magazine for her work with the Max Schewitz Foundation.

Mary Beth lost her seemingly healthy 20-year-old son, Max, to sudden cardiac death (SCD) in 2005. The Foundation that bears his name raises funds for the research and prevention of SCD, providing free EKG testing to high school students. More than 10,000 teens have been screened to date and 142 teens have been identified as at risk, enabling them to take action to prevent SCD.

The Foundation also supports conservation and preservation of fragile species and ecosystems because this was Max’s passion and path in life. His particular interest was in reptiles due to his sympathy and compassion for misunderstood animals. He shared his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm at the Lake Forest Wildlife Discovery Center.

Within our critique group, Mary Beth is the Queen of upper teens, mysteries, and synopses. She’s a powerful plotter with a sharp wit who keeps us all honest and on our toes.

Congratulations, Mary Beth!

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