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Stitching for Literacy Update

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

Last week my goal was to settle on a design for the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention class and create a materials list.

I’m close. That is, if I go with this one!

My goal was to include a wide variety of fibers and stitches to give an overview of embroidery and show some of the cool materials available to us. Bring on the Fuzzy Stuff! I also wanted a flexible design that allows participants to mix and match elements to create individual pieces. It’s basically a four-square-inch sampler. We’ll have at least six options for the four squares, I think, and fibers will be somewhat interchangeable. Most of the elements stitch up quickly; the cross stitch bits take the most time. I think I’ve nixed the blackwork block. It takes a while, too, and the size of the block is too limiting for my tastes.

The completed model (which has a blackwork block so won’t be the real model) is a book thong. The large block is stitched on white aida and the small block is stitched on white 18-count mono canvas. The two pieces are attached with lengths of groovy fibers very loosely braided together. I made some fibers more loose than others so the group would have a little body rather than hanging straight together.

What do you think?

Also this week, The Bookmark Collector held a practice session for convention presenters so we could experience how things will work and plan accordingly. I missed the first practice session, but I hear it went off without a hitch. Yesterday, we had some technical hiccups, which is a good thing in the long run because it allows Alan to find solutions now, rather than scrambling to find them during the convention. Of course, fixing problems now doesn’t mean we won’t experience new ones during the convention, but the learning was good. The technical difficulties are on Alan’s head for the most part; I’m only there to cause them! I got to play Presenter, uploading files and clicking through the available tools.

I’m thinking this live presentation stuff might be used to take a Stitching for Literacy program into school media centers. How cool would that be?!

This week my goal is to make photo release forms for Bookmark Challenge participants to use at their events and post them in the Stitching for Literacy Yahoo Group. I can’t in good conscience post pictures of people–especially kids–without their permission and their parents’ permission. I’ve gotten some nice pictures the past three years that I’ve been unable to post because permission was not obtained. It’s a pain to explain the forms and have people sign them, but it’s necessary. I do it all the time when I take photos at events.

Anyone else with goals to post this week? Don’t be shy. If you really want to get it done, put it out there and let us hold you accountable.

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