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Sometimes things don’t go the way I plan. During the first stint out here at the lodge site, internet access was pretty regular. This time, however, that has not been the case.


This is how we get online. The ropes in the background are for drying damp sleeping bags, blankets, etc. in the sun. They have not been in use for a while. That is to say it’s been raining, with clouds down to the deck for a few days. We had no internet access, and I figured it was a weather thing. Then the clouds lifted and the rain became intermittent (I almost said “stopped,” but that wouldn’t be accurate). Still no internet access.

Now, no one here has any experience with satellite dishes, but it’s not as though we can call a repair person and get him/her out here in a timely fashion. Instead, we scratched our heads and looked hard at the equipment. I used the satellite phone to call the lodge (and dish) owner for advice.


The first thing we did was cut the tall grass in front of the dish. See how low it points in the first picture? And see how tall the grass has grown? It’s waist-high now.

But that didn’t seem to work.

Next, we (and by “we” I mean “Mike”) tweaked the direction of the dish up, thinking that perhaps gravity and/or wind had pulled it down since installation. I watched the lights on the modem to see if/when they lit up again.

Still no internet.

Finally, we tweaked the direction of the dish sideways, and–Bingo!–we were online again.

So there you have it. Add “satellite dish repair” to Mike’s resume.

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  1. Kudos to Mike! Your experience puts my fried router in perspective! So what are you up to this time?

  2. Well, I had planned to be on the labor crew, and I got to do a little of that (cleared brush, cut and laid what I’ll call “moss mat,” which was then covered with gravel to create a trail, moved lumber, helped Mike, etc.), but I am now cooking again. The substitute cook who fills in when the main cook is off had something come up that prevents him from being on site, and, well, here I am!

    I’m not sure what they’ll do in the long run. I’m supposed to be pet-sitting in late August, and I can’t bring a dog out here, so I’m not sure I’m a long-term solution. It would be fun to come out for 6 days every two weeks, though.