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Tall grass may or may not hinder our satellite reception, but it definitely hinders our bear spotting. Unless they’re standing up on two legs (generally the hind ones), they can be completely hidden in the tall grass. It’s more important than ever to make noise as we walk between the lodge and camp sites. A few days ago, I walked within about 40 feet of one before I was able to see it. I’d shouted, so I didn’t surprise it, but it surprised me! It was merely grazing and was not interested in me, but it also didn’t run when it heard me coming. I kept walking, but kept my eye on it, too. Of course, I had my pepper spray with me, but I hope to never need it. I can’t say I was scared–we see bears daily–but I was aware. I will never be complacent about bears, no matter how routine it becomes to see them.


The bears seem to prefer the short-grass patches for eating.

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  1. Yeesh, Jen… you lead such an adventurous life! I love reading about it from inside my bear-free, temperature-controlled house 😉

  2. I just said to Mike last night how much I enjoy sleeping in a tent because I can hear the waves on the beach, the rain dripping on the tent, the wind, etc. As long as we’re comfortable, it seems like luxury rather than hardship.