Steampunk Embroidery

Alan, the Bookmark Collector (both the physical kind and the electronic kind) and the main brain behind the Bookmark Collectors’ Virtual Convention, left this comment after I wondered about steampunk embroidery. Since not everyone reads comments, I’m re-posting it here because I want everyone to see it.

Alan’s comment altered to make live links:

Oh Jen – you’ve tapped into yet another hobby of mine –

Urban Threads

Brass Goggles

Random Acts of Mediocrity


Embroidered vest

Tatooed heart embroidery

Steampunk embroidered airship patch


General intro to steampunk fashion


Crochet sculpture

Oh, OH, OH! I want to make art embroidery! It won’t be Steampunk, mind you–I don’t know what it would be…puzzles or nature or ???–but it would be different from what I usually do.

Seriously. I’m going to start…soon.

Can’t wait to see what you stitch, Alan. Have you started?

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  1. We went to see the “steampunk” Peter Pan at the Arden in Philadelphia a few months ago. It was remarkable. But my husband (old school punk in his day) objects to the “punk” in steampunk, especially since so many steampunk objet are so ridiculously expensive.

    Me, I don’t quite get it which just proves I’m old. 🙂