Literacy Blog Tour

Share a Story, Shape a Future. Logo art by Elizabeth Dulemba.

The Share a Story, Shape a Future week-long Literacy Blog Tour starts on Monday (March 8 – 14). This year’s theme is It Takes a Village to Raise a Reader.

Every day is hosted by a different blog and has it’s own theme.

I talked about and attended this event last year, and wanted to be involved this year. Though I never got around to helping with the planning, organizers are allowing me to participate in the tour anyway. My post here on Tuesday will address Literacy My Way/Literacy Your Way.

So how do you take a blog tour?

Start by visiting the Share a Story blog every day.

There will be an ongoing discussion there based on questions posted daily. In addition, there will be a link to that day’s theme Host. The Host will then have a list of links to posts addressing that theme.

Got it? Good!

Look for something special here on Tuesday.

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