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Spam and More Spam

Hrmph. I got my first spam comments. At least I think they were spam. They said the exact same thing and included links. I deleted them. That’s something “mature” blogs have to deal with; I figured I’d be safe for a while at least. My comment settings are fairly liberal, but if spam starts to get out of hand, I’ll tighten up.

What a bummer. You know, I don’t get the point of spam. Can anyone explain it to me? There are some that want to sell you something, some that are phishing for sensitive information. I get those. But there seem to be some that are nothing but nonsense. Long strings of purposeless random words. Huh?

And there is So Much of it! It hardly seems the work of a few bad apples. It suggests there are a lot more rotten apples in the world than I want to believe.

Oh well. I guess I’ll learn to deal with it, perhaps sooner rather than later.

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  1. My son has been getting text message spam on his cell phone! If that takes off, it’ll create a *real* mess! I’m with you, and with everyone who not a spammer…Spammers Stink!