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Podcasts For Stitching

Back on February 7th, over at Six Writers, One Story, Chrissie wrote about her cousin, Lars’s, podcasts being discussed in the NY Times. He’s a high school history teacher in NY, and has recorded a series of lectures on 12 Byzantine Rulers. I began listening to them today, and look forward to the rest of the series. This is not a period of history I know anything about, so I’m excited! He speaks well; it’s easy listening.

Another resource for lectures is The Teaching Company. They offer university courses on subjects from business, to history, to art, to science, to math, to religion… They’re not cheap, but I think they make wonderful holiday gifts, and what great things to listen to while we stitch! Courses regularly go on sale, and you can sign up to be notified when a particular course goes on sale. They offer free lectures and articles from time to time, and provide notices about cultural events in my area. I hear that some libraries have these courses available, too. I love this company and what they offer.

Now my question is: Can I use podcasting technology for needlework? I’m sure I can for writing stuff, but needlework? Hmmm…!

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