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Six Writers, One Story: The End

Twelve days prior to starting this blog, I started a team blog with my online critique group called Six Writers, One Story. The goal of that blog was nebulous; I was the only one actively reading blogs and interested in joining the blog community. I thought the others might enjoy it and find benefits in doing it, and I hoped we’d find a focus in time.

group.jpgThe Group: Chrissie, Jen, Linda S., Dale, Mary Beth, Elsie

It didn’t work. Blogging’s not for everyone. In November, 17 of the 23 posts over there were mine. The others found posting burdensome. Emails fly amongst us, but they weren’t sure what to say on the blog.

We decided to close Six Writers, One Story and today, my day to post over there, I took the blog behind the shed and pulled the trigger. It took me 3 tries to finally hit “okay” after hitting “delete.” It was such a pretty blog! I loved the colors–go ahead and guess–bright on black, that’s right. But not like this blog, exactly. The brights there were pink, lime, and purple. A bit girly, perhaps.

It was a good decision.

While the blog didn’t work, the critique group does. We’ve been together for–what?–4 years now? We are a strong, productive, supportive team, and I’m glad to have these 5 wonderful writers and friends in my life.

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  1. Obviously, all you’ve lost is the blog. The group, idea, support continues. Must have been hard though.

  2. Quitting doesn’t sit well with me. I think that’s all it is. And maybe it feels like a failure, too. That *definitely* doesn’t go over well with me!

    Is it a failure? Wasn’t the goal to try it? We did that, so isn’t that a success? I just hoped we’d like it and it would become some sort of force in the blog-o-sphere. Or something.

    I need embrace the idea of letting go and moving on. After all, there are a ton of things I want to do in this life, so I’d best do each for a while and move on.