Signs of Fall

Lots more yellow is showing up on the aspen and willow trees these days, and patches of red dot the tundra–if I were dreading Fall, I’d say “like chicken pox,” but I’m not, so I won’t. I think it’s beautiful. Another sign of fall around here is the passing of sandhill cranes on their way south. We most often hear them warbling overhead as they fly in V-formation, but yesterday…


…we drove past this flock of cranes stopping over at a farm for some grain, rodents, insects, etc.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have Mike’s camera with us, so you’re stuck with the results of my point-and-shoot. A couple of birds took off, singing the familiar and fabulous crane song, others flapped and seemed to think about taking off, but mostly they kept a wary eye on me, and I didn’t try to approach.

Super-fun sighting. Autumn is here. I’m going to pretend it’s summer through the weekend. I’ll embrace Fall next week.

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