Needle and ThREAD

Share a Story–Shape a Future

share-a-story1.jpgImage credit: Author/illustrator Elizabeth O. Dulemba created the Share a Story – Shape a Future logo.

Just prior to the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy 2009 Bookmark Challenge, members of the impressively active Kidlitosphere launched Share a Story–Shape a Future to “share ideas and celebrate everything reading has to offer our kids.”

For five days, librarians, teachers, parents, illustrators, authors, and people passionate about literacy blogged about how to share reading with kids. Themes for the five days included:

  • Raising Readers
  • Selecting Reading Material
  • Reading Aloud
  • A Visit to the Library
  • Technology and Reading: What the Future Holds

On Day 1, seven bloggers posted articles on Raising Readers, sharing personal experiences and practical ideas. Creative ideas and concrete tools were handed out each day.

Collectively, these posts are a tremendous resource for anyone interested in promoting literacy at home, in school, in a community. To keep the resource intact and make it easily available, organizers gave it a home of its own here in the form of a blog. Now, it’s a snap to access the various posts at our leisure, return to them over and over, and refer others to them.

Because it is a blog, the most recent posts–Day 5–are what you see first. You can navigate to the bottom of three pages to begin with the first Share a Story–Shape a Future posts and visit the different links in each day’s post, or you can scroll down the sidebar and find links there.


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