S4L Book Club–It’s in the Details

Well, I haven’t done the best job leading our first S4L Book Club discussion, but I have high hopes for future discussions. I also failed to post a December book title. Slacker.

I hope to announce a January title this week, and I hope you’ll all join me in reading it so we can kick off 2011 with a thoughtful and fun book chat.

Since we don’t have a book to discuss in December, might we continue the Potato Peel Pie discussion? I have several more questions to ask. For example, this is a question from a list of canned discussion questions:

What traits, such as remarkable stamina, are captured in a detail such as potato peel pie?

Do you think potato peel pie conveys remarkable stamina?

Um…I don’t. Maybe the question-writer didn’t mean to suggest “remarkable stamina” was a match for potato peel pie; maybe it was just an example of a trait. Whatever. I like the idea of the question.

Details definitely capture and convey moods, traits, emotions, etc. For instance, rain often conveys sadness or a cleansing. I think potato peel pie is a great detail for this story, evoking appropriate feelings and ideas.

So my question is, what does the potato peel pie detail convey to you? And what other details stand out as especially memorable and evocative?

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