S4L Book Club – Characters’ Books

Have you read anything by Charles Lamb, or have you read any of the books the Guernsey residents discuss? Will you pursue any of them now?

I put Charles Lamb on my Recommended Reading list.

My favorite book, I think, is the cookbook someone–I don’t recall her name–was both writing and reading. Sometimes I like to read what I write, too. Strange stuff, on occasion, though, as yet, never recipes.

I can relate to the focus on food during a time when it is unavailable–at least, when the food one wants is unavailable. Ten years of Bush living and traveling on a shoestring have provided many instances of minor food deprivations. At those times, imagining food in rich delicious detail can be both satisfying and unbearable, just as it was to the Society members.

Which book discussed by Society members is your favorite?

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  1. Strangely, I didn’t think of reading any of those books. I think because I had one waiting in the wings, and others lined up. And to tell the truth, I’d have to go back and see what books they were, except of course the Charles Lamb. And, to keep being honest, his aren’t on the top of my list!

  2. Can I confess that I’ve never heard of Charles Lamb? While I wasn’t drawn to read any of the books mentioned in the book, I did find the format of their book club interesting. Instead of everyone trying to read the same thing and then discussing it, it was more of a book report format.