Potato Peel Pie

Bev recently noted the lack of a potato peel pie recipe in our book. This oversight was remedied on the book’s website at Random House. I highly recommend checking it out. I decided to make my own potato peel pie today, leaning heavily on the last sentence in the given recipe.

Potato peel crust

I used six homegrown potatoes, three white, three red. The peels from six potatoes only just covered the bottom of the pie plate. I had to spread these out to get coverage. In hindsight, I’d say this is of little importance.

Mashing potatoes and beets.

Um…ew. Looks like pumpkin or squash. Not a fan, I’m sorry to say.

I used just three teeny-tiny beets, rather than the 1-1 ratio recommended in the recipe (our beets did poorly this year), and mashed in butter, milk, salt, and pepper.

Before baking.

To the mashed potatoes and beets, I then added in random quantities: thyme, rosemary, grated horseradish (not enough), sauteed onions, eggs, flour, and cheddar cheese. Recipe, schmecipe.

Finished potato peel pie.

I baked it at 350-degrees until it stopped jiggling when gently shaken.

The verdict: Yum!

All right. Who else will have a go? Send me pics, or even a recipe if you’re the type who measures, and I’ll share them here.

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  1. Wow! Looks awful, but is so intriguing! I want to try it too, but I think I’ll have to find more of a recipe–no idea how much flour, for example, to use!

  2. I used between 1/4 and 1/2 cup, I’d guess. I imagined a combination of (mashed) potato pancakes and quiche and went from there.

    I thought the baked pie looked pretty good, but you’ll notice I didn’t include a picture of a slice. I thought I’d end on a high note. 🙂

    I think I might ditch the beets next time. And I think one could add any dairy products, mushrooms, corn, cabbage, greens, or sausage with yummy success.

    I am thankful we’re not limited to authentic WWII potato peel pie.

  3. You cheated!

    I have to say that even though I enjoyed the book, it never occurred to me to make the pie. Not even a little!