Rising Temp vs Falling Temp

I marvel at this every year. Twice every year, actually: in the fall and in the spring. When the temp rises to 32-degrees-Fahrenheit, it feels warm; when the temp falls to 32-degrees-Fahrenheit, it feels cold.

It was near freezing today, and I took off my hat and gloves while out walking, soaking up the sun and warm air. Back in September, when the temp neared freezing, I shivered in my wool hat, scarf, parka, snow pants, and many layers. The same temperature feels entirely different depending on the direction it is approached.

It’s the same thing every year, and yet every year it amazes me!

Puzzle pattern progress: Remember how we were waiting for the light of day to judge a replacement color? Rejected! Third color’s a charm. Picked more colors today, and seem to have gotten better at the job. I think they look great!

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  1. My great-grandmother, who was born in the 1800s in a log house in southern Ohio, used to say that in the fall we got cold when the temperatures dipped because our blood was thin. She brewed sassafras tea as a remedy for that. In the spring, when temperatures rose slightly and we were warm, she said it was because our blood had thickened. I can imagine what a doctor would say about that, but I did enjoy her old-timey explanations!

  2. It’s interesting to think my thoughts and experiences have all been thought and experienced before, by other people. I’m not the only one who has found the phenomenon interesting, either!

  3. I am amazed by the same phenomenon each year! We are change detectors and sameness eventually goes unnoticed, while change makes us aware and attentive. We aren’t yet experiencing that sense of it getting warmer here yet. We are having unusually cold weather- for this area. It doesn’t often stay below freezing during the day and we’ve had days of it now. Add to that an unusual amount of snow for this high desert area and we have a winter wonderland! A few foals and calves are being born, though and I worry for them.
    The Canada geese are our harbingers of spring and great flocks of them a honking overhead regularly now.
    So we can hope for that sense of relative warmth the arrive sometime soon!