Reading Roundup

rule-of-won.jpgWhat’s on my nightstand? The Rule of Won, by Stefan Petrucha.

Terrific book. The Rule of Won takes a look at group thinking; specifically, what happens when a group of people embraces a notion that the universe provides whatever one wants: ask and ye shall receive. Want a book contract? Ask the universe for it, believe you’ll get it, and sign on the dotted line. And if you get hit by a bus, it’s because you wanted to be hit by a bus.

What I just said sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it? But how different is that from Power-of-Positive-Thinking and Rule-of-Attraction theories? The Power of Won doesn’t make it sound so silly. It’s a well-done, thought-provoking book accessible to teens.

When you read a book, do you investigate the author on the Internet? I began doing that in order to post links here on the blog–which is the polite thing to do if I’m going to write about someone, plus it saves you a few steps if you want to know more.

I like what I discovered on Stefan’s bio. His varied literary interests range from comic books, to horror, to novels. When fiction didn’t pay the bills, he used his skills a tech writer, educational writer, and public relations writer.

Hey–me, too! Well, not the comics and horror, but varied literary interests and similar work to pay the bills. I’m feeling such a kinship with Stefan that I’m tempted to check out his Wicked Dead series even though I am a world-class scaredy cat. Has anyone out there read this series? Do you think I can handle it?

Your turn. What are you reading?

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