Reading Roundup

chicks-with-sticksWhat’s on my nightstand? Chicks with Sticks (It’s a Purl Thing), by Elizabeth Lenhard.

A breezy, fun read. This is the series in which I unwittingly read the second book first, having pulled it off the library shelf based on the cover and title alone. A book about knitting? ‘Nuff said. Since I often dive into a book without reading the jacket copy, I didn’t discover it was the middle book of a trilogy until I was nearly finished. I marveled then how well it stood alone.

So this is a sort of prequel for me. I’m learning how Scottie, Amanda, Tay, and Bella become knitty friends in the first place.

Scottie is devastated by the death of her understanding and supportive aunt at the same time her best friend, Amanda, begins to change and grow apart from her. Another, less beloved, aunt introduces her to knitting while they’re sitting Shiva. Scottie reluctantly gives it a whirl to be polite. As any knitter knows, it doesn’t take long before she’s hooked. She finds solace in the texture of the yarn and the rhythm of the stitches. Then she finds strength and the ability to reach out, weaving friendships out of a common interest.

Oftentimes, I can be a stickler for reading books in the proper order. Call me a rule-follower if you must. It seems only fair to read a series in the order the author intended. But this Chicks With Sticks kerfuffle is working out just fine. I haven’t felt lost or that I’ve ruined Book 1 because I already know what happens in Book 2. I’m merely looking forward to Book 3.

Anyone know of any similar books with embroidery as the thread that ties friends together?

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