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alphaboat1.jpgWhat’s on my bookshelf? Alphaboat, by Michael Chesworth.

Normally, I share what’s on my nightstand here. Unfortunately, I have no desire to talk about the book on my nightstand. Nor do I care to talk about what’s currently on my mp3 player. Sigh. So I went to my bookshelf and pulled out an old favorite. I M sure U have seen stories, jokes, phrases, etc. written with alphabet shorthand. Maybe U use it yourself.

Well, Alphaboat is fun story about a crew of letter men, led by Admiral T and Captain C, sailing the high Cs in search treasure. Chesworth manages to include all twenty-six letters in a cohesive and clever story that is packed with visual and verbal puns. I love this book and read it over and over and over.

Your turn. What are you reading–or if you’re not reading anything you want to share, what is an old favorite?

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  1. I am working my way through Alaska’s Puzzle Bears by Jen Funk Weber (have you heard of her?) It is marvelous! The author creates puzzles that intrigue, motivate and educate. Oh yeah, you are likely to laugh while doing them (she’s funny that way). Seriously, Jen, I’m delighted with the book and some of the puzzles are perfect for the kids I work with. Thanks so much for including this gem in the “stuff” you sent in my beautiful Needle and Thread bag.