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Pattern Success!

So what happened with that little 8 x 8 design, the one that looked good on the screen but not so good in the test-stitching?

Well, 2 days ago when I sat down to stitch again, I randomly chose to try an altogether different 8 x 8 motif–one I had fiddled with in December (Nutshell readers, it was that crescent stitch from the December issue). A few samples were stitched on the fabric I was using, so I decided to try them in the current project since the “diamond” (more like a cut diamond in a ring than a diamond from a deck of cards) motif wasn’t working…yet.

I liked it! It was the wrong size for the finished project, I liked some of the beads I’d added, but not all, and I wasn’t thrilled with the colors, but it had potential.

Yesterday, I tried again. I adjusted the motif to be 10 x 10 instead of 8 x 8, and I played with 4 repetitions of it, but then settled on 3, separated by some half-diamond eyelets. I went with 3 colors (bright–big surprise, eh?) on a yellow background, and kept only the beads that I liked.

I think it’s pretty.

Attempt #1

Attempt #1. Too small. Don’t like colors. Don’t like beads in center of crescent stitch groups.  I’ll turn this into yet another magnet for the fridge.

attempt #2

I like it! It’s going to be a barette. What I really want is a blue and silver one to wear with my dress-up dress. I’m getting there.

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  1. Those are gorgeous! I really like them! You’re right–the second one is much better. When are these patterns going to be out?