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I got some book news yesterday. The editor at Simon Scribbles had some questions about the text for the 2 Nancy Drew movie-tie-in activity books I did over the summer. Mostly, they were questions about instructions, and I did my best to answer them, revising the text when necessary. It can be hard to understand the question that is being asked. I hope my answers are satisfactory, but more importantly, I hope they’ll ask again if they are not. I’m happy to revise till the herefords return to their familiar domicile.

I also got wind of another project on the not-very-distant horizon. It’s another pair of activity books with a movie tie-in. Yay! There is often some level of secrecy involved, so I’m not sure I’m at liberty to reveal the movie.

The Nancy Drew project was huge FUN! Pretty intense because I did it quickly, but I think that was actually part of the fun. Clever ideas, puzzles, jokes, crafts, chaos…in my mind, it doesn’t get any better than that! Some other projects will be back-burnered as a result, but too-bad-so-sad. What am I going to do–complain about doing something I love to do? Right. I’m calling myself lucky, that’s what I’m doing.

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  1. Wow, Jen! I think that’s great! I also think you are one of those rare people who have the writing ability and also the visual (needlework design) ability! Very impressive!

  2. Gee, thanks! I owe a lot to my critique group, especially my Angel of Good Hair. She makes sure everything I send out looks as good as it can.