Out to the Bush

glacier-lodge-fallHere we go again!

We’re caretaking for the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge during the month of October. It will be much like our adventure last Jan-Mar. Same cabin, similar conditions, similar plan, but shorter duration. Only a month.

There is a satellite dish for the Internet, but it’s weather- and luck-dependent. I will post here when I can, but don’t be surprised or alarmed if the blog goes suddenly quiet. It could mean bad weather, or a bear chewed through a cable, or Mike made a disparaging remark about the dish and it’s pouting.

Even though we can’t ship orders until November, we’re participating in The Needlework Show, Oct. 7-12. It’s the online wholesale trade show everyone can visit and explore. Retailers, however, are the only ones who can buy.

We’re releasing a new Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy bookmark pattern at the show, and we’ll have information about our upcoming bookmark class. I’ll get them posted here and on the Funk & Weber site as soon as I can after the show.

Oh, yeah. We’ll have a puzzle contest at the show, too, but you knew that already, right?

Here’s hoping we’ll have Internet access, but if we don’t, know that we’re having a grand time designing, writing, taking pictures, canoeing, kayaking, wrestling bears, juggling chainsaws, and skating on thin ice.

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