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One + One + One (Part 2)

While It Takes Just One person to get a Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy ball in motion, imagine what happens when Just One meets another One and another One.

As you know from yesterday’s post, Karen, from Arctic Needle, was collecting bookmarks for Mountain View Elementary School. Jane, the librarian at the school, hoped to receive one for each of the seventy graduating fifth graders.

Well, unlike the past three years, I hadn’t been hounding guild members about the Bookmark Challenge, and neither had Karen. To top it off, we were both away from home and office for half of April. Karen wasn’t sure she could collect seventy bookmarks.

Enter Marian O.

Recent health struggles had made Marian (hee-hee–Maid Marian) rather listless about embroidery. She wasn’t stitching the way she used to. Until she heard Karen’s plight.

The opportunity to encourage kids to read encouraged Marian to stitch, and once she got started, her enthusiasm returned, and she didn’t stop.

Marian cross stitched and finished seventy Funk & Weber Designs Books are Treasures, Reading is the Key bookmarks. That makes her an Extreme Stitcher, to be sure.

Last week, Mountain View fifth graders began receiving their hand-stitched bookmarks, but that wasn’t all they received. (Da-da-dum. Dramatic music.)

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our One + One + One story.

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