Needle and ThREAD

One + One + One (Part 1)

While It Takes Just One person to get a Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy ball in motion, imagine what happens when Just One meets another One and another One.

Meet Karen from Arctic Needle in Anchorage, Alaska.

Karen has been on board the Stitching for Literacy program since day one. You may think she didn’t have a choice since she’s my local shop owner, fellow guild member, and friend, but, in truth, she did. I’m too far away to be all that much of a help or nag, remember.

This year, Karen decided to reach out to some Girl Scouts in Anchorage, teaching them to embroider. She designed a project incorporating a number of embroidery stitches, including outline stitch, satin stitch, lazy daisy, and French knots. She provided materials and instruction, and the girls provided patience and enthusiasm.

In addition to her one-woman outreach effort, Karen again collected bookmarks from stitchers to donate to a library. For the past three years, the Anchorage Public Library was the recipient. This year, Karen contacted the librarian at Mountain View Elementary School, one of the less affluent schools in Anchorage. Library Media Specialist, Jane Blood, welcomed a partnership with Karen, Arctic Needle, and Anchorage stitchers.

This partnership inspired Jane to take the project a step farther. Da-da-dum (dramatic music).

That’s all you’re getting today; that’s why it says Part 1. There are three parts.

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