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New Puzzle Pattern Contest–Day 3

If you’re just joining us for the New Puzzle Pattern Contest, scroll down to Day 1 for instructions.

Yes, you may still submit answers to earlier puzzles. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (Alaska time) on August 6th, but you may submit any entry anytime. So, technically, you can have a puzzlefest on August 5th, solve all the puzzles at once, and submit your answers for chances to win.

Out to Lunch

We took our visiting nephew out to lunch yesterday. It’s a great little spot, practically in our backyard.









The food, I have to admit, was marginal, but the scenery was pretty spectacular.

Today’s New Puzzle Pattern Contest clue and link are on the Artistic License blog. Say “hi” to Teresa for me while you’re there.

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  1. Looks like another hard-earned, but fun meal. What spectacular scenery! I’ll bet that after that hike the food tasted good, no matter what it was.

  2. I think I hiked some of that mountain when I was there with Millard. The views, of course, are so spectacular, but the opportunity for Ryan to be there too is awesome.
    I’m thrilled with all his experiences.