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New Puzzle Pattern Contest–Day 2

Along with her (correct) answer to the puzzle, I got a series of questions yesterday from Julia which I’m going to boil down to this: What is this crazy blog about, anyway? That’s not a quote; Julia was curious and very polite. I will attempt to answer her questions now, since some of you may be wondering the same things.

I started the blog as part of the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program. I wanted a place to talk about reading and stitching with other readers/stitchers, and I wanted a home for the program, which promotes literacy through the annual Bookmark Challenge (March 19-May 7, 2009) and by raising money for literacy programs through bookmark pattern sales: Designers who create patterns for the program contribute at least 10% of profits to literacy programs.

During the Bookmark Challenge, the blog focuses on literacy, children’s literature, bookmarks, and needlework.

At other times, it’s a bit of a free-for-all. For the most part, I blog about needlework, reading, writing, and life in Alaska, as indicated by the sub-header at the top of the page. These are the primary interests in my life and they manage to weave together.

Sometimes, however, one aspect of my life takes over and all the posts are on that subject. Most recently, I’ve been working at a remote lodge site, so all my posts have been about life in remote Alaska. The only needlework I’ve done out there is knitting socks.


I’m supposed to begin a book project in mid-August, so it’s possible I’ll have a lot of writing posts coming up. In addition to being a needlework designer, I am a children’s author and puzzle specialist. (Do I hear a collective “ah-ha”?) I’ve published hundreds of puzzles in kids’ magazines and books, and I hold a monthly puzzle contest in The Needlework Nutshell, my e-newsletter. (There’s a subscription box in the sidebar.) Now you know where the puzzle influence comes from for some of our needlework patterns and this contest. I hope to do even more puzzle-y patterns in the future.

So, does that answer the question about the focus of this blog? A little?

Hey, it was fun to create a post based on a puzzler’s question. I’d be happy to do more such posts, so if you have questions, fire away. You can present it in a comment or email, whichever you prefer.

Now for today’s New Puzzle Pattern Contest info and link. You’ll find the Clue of the Day and the link to today’s puzzle At the Honeysuckle Tree. All right, scoot! Go visit Tanya.

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