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From Sarah Ockler’s September 3rd blog post, Creative Mojo: Incense & the Potential for Great Things.

…each of us lives always on the precipice of possibility.

Yes, yes, yes!

This is why I love mornings. Possibilities for the day are endless.

This is why I transplant garden thinnings rather than eating or composting them. I can’t stand to destroy potential, limit possibility.

This is why I celebrate–New-Year’s-style, with optimistic resolutions–several times a year. Every season, every month is a chance to start over, embark on something new and great.

This is why I choose to re-cover an old chair, paint an old table. They still have possibilities.


I may get wobbly and need a hand to rock-hop across a stream or approach an exposed overlook, but I hang ten on the precipice of possibility. I love being here. The view is spectacular!

Sarah Ockler is the author of Twenty Boy Summer. If you want to be inspired, go read her blog post.

Have you read any lines you love lately? Please share.

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  1. So do you intentionally tease us with awesome photos by not telling us where they’re taken?

    These aren’t new lines by any means, but I love them:

    We have it in us to be splendid. -Maya Angelou

    If you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world. -Archimedes (My husband looks at this quote from a purely physical/mathematical perspective…I enjoy the philosophical sense of empowerment.)

    She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain. -Louisa May Alcott (surely she was referring to me when she wrote this!)

  2. Why, that’s the Precipice of Possibility, of course. Oh. You want more? That’s Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia.

    I have it from a reliable source that Louisa May Alcott was indeed speaking of you when she made that comment.

    Remember, you’re invited to be a Lines We Love guest blogger when you come across a great line in a book.