I’m calling it nine gallons in the freezer, and I’m calling it quits.

Actually, I decided I was happy with eight gallons and planned to stop there, but blueberry picking is addictive. The in-laws were napping. It’s hard not to look out the windows around here. I swear I could see blue spots on the tundra. And then I heard them call. No one would notice if I slipped out. Just an hour. Two, tops. And so for several days I crept out, gradually reducing my blueberry picking time, bringing back mere quarts at a time, until yesterday I finally called it quits. For 2009. Really. I’m done. Cold turkey. No more blueberry picking.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten all of them–the good ones, anyway.


Now I’m picking cranberries.

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  1. I was reading about blueberries and looking at the picture, thinking “those aren’t ripe”. Imagine my relief when I scrolled down far enough to read the rest of your post! Your freezer must be a regular cornucopia!

  2. Sounds like an addiction problem. You’re merely switching addictions, going from blueberries to cranberries. I’ll be arriving soon for the intervention. And to enjoy the berries, too, of course!

  3. We’re actually contemplating a second freezer. This seems crazy to me, but we’re maxed out now and adding five new garden beds plus the new strawberry and raspberry beds.

    Maybe I need to learn to can fruits, veggies, and fish rather than freeze.

    Canned veggies? Bleh.

    Do we really need all this food? Do we eat this much in a year?