Needle and ThREAD

Got the Idea. Now what?

So how does a person begin to set up programs like Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy and the 2007 Bookmark Challenge?

Well I’ll tell you: I don’t know!

It’s true. I’m making it up as I go, with the help of many generous, creative, and enthusiastic people. In fact, coming to grips with the fact that I didn’t have a fool-proof methodical plan was the first hurdle. Then it became like plotting a novel: I imagined individual aspects of the program, how I wanted the whole thing to play out, and then I connected them. Like a lot of novels, I’ll be writing and rewriting this one for years!

lks.jpgI talked about it with anyone who would listen. As I scrambled to answer their questions, the plan became clearer to me. I first tested the idea on one of my critique group partners, Linda K. Stanek. I thought I was overwhelmed before I talked to her, but afterward…yeesh! She loved the idea and sent email after email brimming with excitement and more ideas. But when it came time for action, she helped me focus on taking baby steps–“What’s one thing you’d like to see happen? Let’s do that.”

Linda drew the book for the logo. Linda is sponsoring the Bookmark Challenge grand prize that we are offering shops. Without Linda, this program might never have been born.

Now here’s a secret: The 2007 Bookmark Challenge was not an original idea. It was modeled after another designer’s program. Gasp! Come back tomorrow for the full scoop!

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