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Borrowed Idea

Okay, so I knew I wanted to design a line of bookmarks and donate a portion of profits to literacy nonprofits. That part would be easy; I already design, publish, and sell patterns. But how was I going to involve Needlework Nutshell readers and shops?

Now, there’s a small business theory that I find comforting. (Yeah, this is the same post. We’ll get back to that question. Honest.) It suggests that we can’t possibly know everything we’ll need to know, nor can we accumulate and store all the info and ideas that might one day come in handy. In other words, it’s okay to throw out that paper menu with the interesting fact that I picked up in a diner in New Mexico in 2003. When the time comes for specific knowledge, information, or ideas, we will discover them. That’s a load off, eh? Literally and figuratively.

Well, that’s exactly what happened. I needed a program that could involve stitchers and shops, and I found one while randomly clicking around at Lazy Girl Designs. I wasn’t looking for a bookmark program–I was trying to decide which bag to stitch first!–but there it was, right when I needed it.

joan.jpgI had stumbled upon Joan’s Laziest Shop in America Challenge that she ran in 2004. Eureka! It was exactly what I had in mind–except it wasn’t actually in my mind until Joan put it there, know what I mean? I e-mailed Joan and asked if I could call her. We talked for…ever, and with her help and encouragement, I hammered out the basic concept. Joan shared everything she did to run her program, and offered further advice based on her experience. And I, well, I took it all! Every bit, right down to the title “Challenge.”

And here we are.

Eventually, I’d like the program to include all needlework genres, including quilting, and when we get there, Joan’s ready to design some bookmarks!

Who knows what ridiculous thing we might all be doing right now if it weren’t for Joan. For one thing, I might still be pronouncing “Threadthree-d. Thanks, Joan!

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