Good Eats

I get up in the morning, take the dog outside, and select the day’s food from the garden. Today’s menu: salad greens, turnip, beet, broccoli, snow peas, radishes, parsley, strawberries.


Seven one-gallon bags of blueberries in the freezer and counting.

While I was out collecting berries yesterday, I heard a bunch of coyotes yapping and howling. Their song echoed off the hills so that it rang like bells. Very cool.

Then I heard a bull moose rubbing his antlers on a tree. Or that’s what I thought it was. It seemed fairly close, so I sang a few songs to let him know I was there.

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  1. You’re making me hungry. And I am sooo jealous about the blueberries- makes me want to move back to Michigan. A friend’s sister recently moved to Washington state and called her asking for all their blueberry recipies. It appears she is picking a gallon at a time in her backyard!
    Turnips are photogenic, if nothing else.

  2. Thanks, Steve.

    Becca, pick a gallon of blueberries at a time? I did that one year and wound up with a sore back. I’m super slow. I pick very clean–all stems and leaves removed before berries go into the bucket. I figure I pick a quart in an hour.

    Now I’m really curious, though. Maybe I’ll take my clock with me tomorrow. I got into a great patch today and picked about 3 quarts.