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Fall, NOT in Pieces

Back in August, we had the New Puzzle Pattern Contest here on the blog. Faithful reader, Bev, was bummed because she was going to miss half of it because her husband was taking her on vacation, dag-nabbit. Husbands! (eye-roll) She hoped rain would delay their trip–they were riding motorcycles–and I believe she got an extra day. She was able to solve three of the five puzzles for three entries into the contest.

The random number generator chose Bev’s third puzzle entry as the Grand Prize Winner, giving her the pattern and all the materials to stitch Fall, In Pieces, including Zweigart’s Cashel Linen and 44 skeins of Gentle Art fibers.

Bev had to wait over a month for her prize due to a printing snafu, but it eventually arrived.

In fewer than thirty days, and fewer than 120 hours, Bev produced this:


fall-in-pieces-4.jpgThe pattern, you will recall (or perhaps not, so here’s a pic), is a puzzle with some pieces not yet put into place. Well, Bev finished the puzzle. As she said, it eliminated a lot of backstitching, but she mainly just liked the look, as do I. I like it both ways, but I’m only ever going to stitch it one way.

I am so excited to have an example of the pattern with the puzzle solved! So excited, in fact, that I made Bev shoot and send me a dozen pictures of it so I can share it here, there, and everywhere.

I adore her pictures, too. She’s got fall leaves to accent the pillow, and check out the acorn!


I want to send images to Zweigart and Gentle Art since they donated part of the prize, and I want to put it on the Funk & Weber Designs Web site to show people an alternate way to stitch the pattern.

My favorite picture though is this one:


Meet Bev Fuchs from Clinton, MI. Prize winner and prize stitcher! You can give her a shout. She’s here.

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  1. I should have spent a little more time on me….
    My hubby says that I am now an internet star…….

  2. Congratulation! Bev is a good friend of mine!

    She does beautiful work!

    She is dedicated to stitchery! She puts a lot of

    Love in her work! Great Job!

  3. I am the husband I always ask if she is done yet with her stitching. Is this going to take long.When she is done she tosses it to me for inspection. I tell her about time. She does fantastic work. My eyes would be cross-eyed. She loves to stitch I am very proud of her.