Extreme Reader

Welcome to our Extreme Reader / Extreme Stitcher series where we profile people willing to go to great lengths to read and/or stitch.

Ami Segna says, “This is my stepdaughter, Mykela, holding my newborn, Sheridan, in our hospital room a few weeks ago. The book is ‘The Runaway Princess,’ which is probably foreshadowing.”

Definitely an Extreme Reader, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. One of the best times for me to read was after having a new baby. It’s another great perk that breastfeeding supplies. When you bottle feed, one hand is holding the infant, one is holding the baby. But when breastfeeding you’ve always got a free hand. So, as long as it wasn’t in the middle of the night, I read while I breastfed. It was a wonderful quiet time…just me, the infant, and a good book. Who could ask for more?